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Best Countertop Water Filter Review

countertop water filter

water is life! Dirty water, on the other hand, can prove to be quite dangerous to your health.  You must have heard at least once or twice that clean water is not a luxury it’s a necessity! Most therapist’s advice people to take at least four glasses of water a day. This being because water plays a vital role in the well-being of the body. However, if you get used to taking dirty water you might end up contracting diseases that will cost you loads of cash.

Dirty water can prove to be a threat to you and your family members. To prevent this, you should ensure that you filter your water before taking it. To do this you will need to get a filter that works perfectly thus assurance that you consume clean water. However, getting a good water filter can prove to be a hard task. This being because you don’t know what to check in a filter before acquiring it.

In this article, you will find detailed information on water filters thus you get the best countertop water filters. Why a countertop water filter you would ask! Well, countertop filters ensure that you get clean water whenever you need it without having to struggle. Also, countertop water filters consume lesser energy and time as compared to boiling water. This assures you that your countertop water filter will transform your tap water into great tasting healthy water.

What to consider before buying a countertop water filter?

Before rushing to the store and getting just any water filter, it is wise to put these factors into consideration. This is to ensure that your water filter serves you best and fits in the space you intend to fix it. Amon the factors to consider are;


Well, water filters come at a price that can fit in all budgets. While getting yourself one, you should ensure that it fits your budget thus you don’t blow all your savings on a single water filter. As much as you wish to get a cheap water filter, however, ensure that it works properly.

Family size

Some filters are meant to serve a small size of a family. If you get this filters for a large family, you will find it to be irritating as water will not be adequate for the whole family. To ensure that your water filter can serve your family optimally you should invest in a sizable water filter. While getting yourself a water filter, consider the number of pets you have as they deserve clean water too.

Space- well

You don’t wish to get a water filtration system that will not fit your countertop. This will incur you additional costs to make a stand for your water filter leading to unwanted expenses. To avoid this, check the dimensions of your countertop so as to get a water filter that fits the counter well.

Best countertop water filter comparison chart

No Product name dimensions weight Amazon Links
1 Ecosoft countertop drinking water filter system 3.5×3.5×12 inches 3.45 pounds Check on Amazon
2 APEC Top Tier 5-Stage Ultra safe filter system 16×5.2×17.5 inches 25 pounds Check on Amazon
3 The stainless steel countertop water purifier filter 6x4x13 inches 3 pounds Check on Amazon
4 Zen water systems countertop filtration system 12.5×12.5×22 inches 6.5 pounds Check on Amazon
5 Big berkey countertop water filters 8.5×8.5×19.2 inches 9 pounds Check on Amazon

Ecosoft Countertop Drinking Water Filter System

countertop water filter

If you are looking for a countertop that gives you the best service, eco-soft countertop water filter is just the product for you. this amazing filter removes chlorine, lead, bad tastes and sediments in your water. This ensures that you take clean water that exposes your body to no harm. This filter is easy to install hence you won’t need to pay someone to do the installation for you.

This water filter is made from eco-friendly products thus assurance that your body will be exposed to no harm. Also, the water filters come in several colors thus you pick the one that attracts you most. Amazingly, this product comes at an affordable price compared to its counterparts thus increased savings. Why depend on bottled water, get this product today! Check on Amazon

APEC Top Tier 5-Stage Ultra Safe Filter System

countertop water filter

The runners-up on the water filter list are sure the APEC top tier 5-stage ultra-safe filter system. This product is designed in a manner that assures you durability and great health. Compared to its counterparts, this product removes 99% percent of contaminants hence assuring you great health. This water filter is quite sizable thus can fit on several sizes of countertops.

The fittings of this water filter are of great quality thus you don’t expect to find any leaks from this product. The price at which this product comes is quite astonishing as its too fair compared to the service it offers. The product has a sizable hose thus you can place it wherever you wish without any struggle. Check on Amazon

The Stainless Steel Countertop Water Purifier Filter

countertop water filter

The stainless steel countertop water filter is also a fair contender. This product eliminates 99.9% of water impurities thus giving you the assurance that you take clean water. This product can deliver up to 1000 gallons of water without erring thus clean water is there when you need it. With clean water, cooking is made easier as there are zero germs from your cooking water. The water filter comes with a thirty-day money back guarantee hence if you find any error you won’t have to incur expenses. Check on Amazon

The steel finish of this product makes it strong and stylish thus it changes the outlook of your kitchen. Also, this water cleaner is easy to clean hence no dirt gets to stick on your filter.

Zen water systems countertop filtration system

countertop water filter

If you are looking to get yourself a water filter, you will find this great product to be worth your cash. This product eliminates bacteria and other water contaminants from your drinking water thus giving you clean drinking water. Amazingly, it comes at a price that will leave you with lots of cash. This will ensure you save a lot of money to get other house equipment.

Its filter lasts up to one year hence you need not replace it after small durations of time. With a four-gallon dispenser, you are sure to get enough water for you and your family. Check on Amazon

Big Berkey Countertop Water Filters

countertop water filter

The Big Berkey water filter is one you have to consider before you buy your water filter. With a huge holding capacity, the water filter is great for a big family size. This will ensure that each member of the family is safe as they get no germs from the water. Made from stainless steel you are sure to enjoy its service for long durations without any rust. Also, the water filter comes in a great size thus it can fit any countertop with no fuss. Check on Amazon


Why spend loads of cash on bottled water? Get yourself the best countertop water filter and enjoy clean water from the comfort of your home.

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