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Best Home Water Test Kit Reviews

House Water Test Kit

It is better you test your house hold water.

Water contamination is not a new thing. Water authorities try their best to give a palatable water. However, we all can agree that there are things that we can do at our side as well.

It is imperative that families should have pure water as their basic need. However, it could be very expensive to have the water tested by professionals.

What is the solution?

You need home water test kit.

A point of caution, one should still never take unnecessary risks when it comes to their health or the health of their family. If you think a professional advice is needed, you must go for it. A quick inexpensive test always helps.

A regular test by yourself at the comfort of your home that is economical is something you can do without much ado. This could be a decision making point for you and if needed, you may settle with a good whole house water filter for your home.

Doing this will assure the safety and security of the drinking water from contaminants that might end up harming the customer’s body as well as those of the family members.

Fortunately, this text will focus on reviewing some of the best home water test kit available in the market. Hopefully, one will be able to find the products that will best fit the needs of his or her family without difficulty.

Below is a list of the most pertinent information that might help the customer make the right decision regarding which specific water test kit to use in the near future.

Top 5 home water test kit

# Product/Brand Name Dimensions Weight Available Links
 1 Test Assured:

Complete Water Test Kit (With TDS Meter)

N/A 4.8 oz. Available on Amazon
 2 Test Assured:

Lead-in-Water Test Kit

7.3 x 4.5 x 0.4 inches .32 oz. Available on Amazon
 3 Health Metric:

Water Test Kit (For Municipal Tap and Well Water)

4.5 x 2.9 x 2.5 inches 1.06 oz. Available on Amazon
 4 JNW: Direct, 9-in-1 Water Test Strips 2.1 x 2.1 x 5.1 inches 3.04 oz. Available on Amazon
 5 First Alert WT-1 Water Test Kit 5.9 x 1.5 x 9.2 inches 2.4 oz. Available on Amazon

Test Assured: Complete Water Test Kit (with TDS Meter)


One advantage of this home water test kit is that it is an all in one package. It consists of 10 tests that will allow the customers to test for alkalinity as well as other major contaminants in the water. (Pesticide, Bacteria, Lead, pH content, Chlorine, Copper and many other minerals) This is why homeowners will be ensured of their safety once they avail of this particular product for the home. It also includes a thermometer that will check water temperature without difficulty.

Aside from this, it will require no laboratories. It is a DIY water testing system that allows for quicker results in the long run. It also can be used by professionals and homeowners alike. Available on Amazon

Test Assured: Lead-in-Water Test Kit

Home Water Test Kit

With this product customers and their families will feel safer knowing that the water that they are drinking has minimal if no lead content at all. Lead is known to cause gastrointestinal and reproductive harm as well as neurological problems when ingested so it is important to protect oneself from this particular issue right off the bat.

With this home water test kit, homeowners will be able to do just that and much more. It also comes with a free pesticide test so customers will get two services in one package as soon as they avail. It is a real money saver indeed. Available on Amazon

Health Metric: Water Test Kit (for Municipal, Tap and Well Water)

Home Water Test Kit

If one is looking for a way to easily test the tap and well water for impurities at home, this is the home water test kit that any customer should buy for the family. The manufacturers of this product pride themselves in terms of accuracy.

This product has been specifically designed with prime detection capabilities that will allow the system to determine any kind of impurities as well as other heavy metals that may be present in the water.

It also tests for bacteria as well as other minerals that might cause harm to anyone who will ingest the water. This is why one should definitely get his or her own set right away. It will give out the necessary information to keep the family safe from harm in the coming days. Available on Amazon

JNW: Direct, 9-in-1 Water Test Strips

Home Water Test Kit

This particular product focuses mainly on testing for water impurities in the home supply. Just like all of the products on the list, it will test for Lead, Iron, Copper, water acidity and other similar content and conditions.

It is extremely easy to use because it comes with simple instructions on how to conduct testing without difficulty. In addition, homeowners will not have to mail any samples off into the laboratory to get the best results possible.

This package also contains 150 test strips so one does not have to worry about not being able to possibly conduct repetitive tests in order to gain accuracy. It is definitely something that will help keep the family safe from bacteria in the water sooner rather than later. Available on Amazon

First Alert: WT-1 Water Test Kit

Home Water Test Kit

This particular home water test kit system will be able to get information on the bacterial content as well trace amounts of Nitrites, Chlorine and other possible contaminants that might harm anyone who would drink the water in that particular home.

It will also check for the hardness and acidity levels in the water for added safety. It is surely something worth investing on especially for those homeowners who had become too paranoid when it comes to the quality of the water in their home. One will never regret getting this particular product to ensure the safety of the family as soon as possible. Available on Amazon


It is quite important for homeowners to ensure the highest quality of drinking water for the family. Fortunately, with these particular products on hand, it would be next to impossible for people not to drink pure water on a regular basis.

What is important here is that these water testing kits will allow simple individuals like the common homeowner to test for contaminants without having to send samples to the laboratory. This process not only ensures safety but also enables the homeowner to save a lot of money down the line. This is why it is definitely something worth investing in for future use. It would be prudent to find a product that will best suit once needs right away. The readers will surely have no regrets in the end.


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