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Best Refigerator Water Filter Reviews

refrigerator water filter

When you want to choose the water filter for your refrigerator, never compromise. We all agree that quality of drinking water is as important as anything in life.

Here you will see some of the refrigerator filters chosen and reviewed. Please note that, not all filters will fit your refrigerator model. So, please check for the compatibility before you buy.


Best refrigerator water filter Comparison

no Product name dimensions weight  
1 Maytag refrigerator water filter with replaceable cartridge 8.2x8x3 inches 1.9 pounds Check on Amazon
2 Frigidaire ULTRAWF refrigerator water filter 11.7×2.4×3.9 inches 9.6 ounces Check on Amazon
3 Premium refrigerator water filter by Kenmore 12.5×8.3×3 inches 6.17 pounds Check on Amazon
4 Samsung model HAF-CIN/EXP refrigerator water filter 0.4×0.4×0.4 inches 8.8 ounces Check on Amazon


5 LG LT500P vertical refrigerator water filter 0.4×0.4×0.4 inches 0.16 ounces Check on Amazon

Why You Should not Compromise Refrigerator Filter Quality?

Nothing beats the comfort of getting clean water at the comfort of your home. this because you get to quench your thirst without having to feel unpleasant tastes and smells. However, most of the water that flows in our home is filled with chlorine. This leads to smelly water that may cause plenty harm to your body. One of the major sources of water in our homes is the refrigerator. However, unfiltered water from the refrigerator has quite a bad taste. This being due to the fact that the water is filled with chlorine and other contaminants. When some people witness this taste from the water, they often blame it on the fridge claiming its rusty. Well, it’s totally not the situation. This is because water is filled with dozens of contaminants which when ingested may lead to upsetting conditions. In this situation a refrigerator water filter is important

Sometimes, the water may even result in water-borne diseases that can prove to be quite disorienting. To eliminate these contaminants, you have to consider investing in a water filter. This will ensure you enjoy great tasting water without having to spend on bottled water. Also, you will be assured that your health is not at risk as you won’t fear to contract any diseases.

This proves to be a cheaper solution as it is quite easy to buy and maintain a water filter. This is far less expensive than purchasing bottled water. With several water filters in the market, however, it can prove to be quite a hard task to find the best. After reading this article, you will know what to consider in a water filter hence getting the best refrigerator water filter.

Maytag Refrigerator Water Filter With Replaceable Cartridge

refrigerator water filter

If you are looking to invest in a water filter, you don’t want just any filter you want the best water filter. This means a water filter that will remove all contaminants in your drinking water. The water filter that will meet your needs is unquestionably the filter from Maytag. This product meets the NSF standards hence you are assured that it will serve you best.

The water filter is easy to install hence no need to invest in a plumber to fix it for you. this water filter comes at quite an affordable price compared to its counterparts thus plenty savings. With this great water filter, you will be sure that water flowing from your fridge will be of great taste. Also, your water will be free of any odors as it will be free of chlorine. Check on Amazon

Frigidaire ULTRAWF Refrigerator Water Filter

refrigerator water filter

The runners-up on the list is unarguably the water filter from Frigidaire. Due to its performance, the water filter has enjoyed the praises of several of its users. Approved by the NSF you are assured that the materials used to manufacture this product cause no harm to your body. The water filter eliminates contaminants like chlorine and lead thus giving you water that is great to taste. With this, you enjoy the pure water at a cheaper cost as compared to buying bottled water.

The cartridges to this water filters are long lasting hence you need not replace them before six months. The cartridges are easy to replace hence no need to buy new water filters each time they wear out. The product comes at a price that can fit in any budget without emptying your pockets. Check on Amazon

Premium Refrigerator Water Filter By Kenmore

refrigerator water filter

This product from Kenmore is one that will leave you with nothing short of satisfaction. Kenmore uses materials that are cruelty-free and strong hence durability is not a factor you can put in question. This water filter has quite a good performance thus being ranked among the best refrigerator water filters. This water filter eliminates several water contaminants thus assuring you a great taste of water. With this, you don’t have to worry contracting waterborne diseases as your water is free from contaminants.

What’s amazing about this product is the fact that it comes at quite an affordable price thus you get to save after buying it. This water filter comes with a satisfaction guarantee which assures you maintenance of your product. Compared to its counterparts this water filter is quite great. This is because it is made from concentrated carbon thus no contaminants get to your glass.  Check on Amazon

Samsung Model HAF-CIN/EXP Refrigerator Water Filter

refrigerator water filter

You cannot deny the fact that Samsung produces products that are nothing short of impressive. This includes electronics and homeware. The water filter from this company is also a fair contender. With the use of revolutionized methods to clean drinking water, you are assured to get great tasting water. This filter does not get sediments stuck on it hence no fear of the rate of water flow falling down. This being due to the fact that it uses high-grade carbon filters hence ridding your water of plenty contaminants.

Given its high performance, you expect that this product will be quite pricey. Well, this is totally not the situation. The product comes at almost a similar price to that of its counterparts thus leading to savings. Putting in consideration its level of performance, it’s worth the cost. Check on Amazon

LG LT500P Vertical Refrigerator Water Filter

refrigerator water filter

If you aim at investing in the best refrigerator water filter, then the LG lt500p is one you must put on your bucket list. With this, you will never have to worry about contaminated water. Also, bottled water will never be a thing to find on your bucket list. Made from a high quality material, you are sure to get clean water that has a great taste and is free of odor.

Unlike its counterparts, this product does not deprive your water of nutrients. This ensures that you enjoy health in each sip of water as you quench your thirst. The cartridges of this water filter are quite long lasting hence you won’t need a new one every now and then. Check on Amazon


If you wish to reduce the cost you spend on bottled water, you should consider buying one of the best refrigerator water filters. This will assure you great tasting water at a price that will leave you nothing short of satisfied. Why expose your family to the risk of consuming contaminated water, invest in a water filter today!


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