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Best RV Water Filter Reviews

RV water filters

Clean water is not a privilege; it is a necessity. This means that you need access to clean water every time even when you are on the move. Among the ways that you can get water while traveling is in your RV. However, RV’s provide many contaminants in the water. This may lead to stomach sickness. To avoid this, it is advisable to get a water filter for your RV.

While at it, do not just pick any water filter. Ensure you pick the best RV water filter. This will ensure that you get clean water thus the assurance of perfect health even when on the road. One major advantage of having a water filter for your RV is the fact that you will save loads of cash. This is because you will not need to buy bottled water.

RV Water Filter Comparison Chart

No Product name Dimensions Weight  
1 Camco EVO premium RV water filter 6x6x13 inches 4.8 pounds check on Amazon
2 Culligan RV external water filter 4.8×4.8×12.5 inches 2.65 pounds Check on Amazon
3 AQUACREST inline RV water filter 11.2×5.5×2.7 inches 2.33 pounds Check on Amazon
4 Watts RV water filter 20×12.4×6.8 inches 6.8 pounds Check on Amazon
5 Hydro life external water filter 12.3×4.2×5.1 inches 0.64 ounces Check on Amazon


Factors to consider before buying an RV water filter

To get a water filter that suits your needs you should put the following factors into consideration.

Price- RV water filters come at different prices. While buying your water filter, you should ensure that it is within your budget. This will leave you in a stable financial position thus you can buy whatever you wish. Although you wish to get the most affordable water filter ensure you get one that is functional. This should fit all your needs without causing you any trouble.


Camco EVO Premium RV Water Filter

 RV water filters

If you aim at investing in the best RV water filter, you have to put this great product on your bucket list. Made of a five-micron barrier and granulated carbon, the water filter fully rids water of contaminants. This leaves you with soft water which is great to taste and free of any odors. The product is certified thus you cannot put its workability into question.

Unlike some of its counterparts, the water filter is replaceable. This assures you quite some savings as you need not invest in another water filter when it fails. In case the water filter wears out, you can easily replace it and continue enjoying its great service. The filter comes with an extension hose, a cartridge wrench, and Teflon tape. With this, you can easily fix your water filter and expect zero spillage. To get this amazing product at a fair price check on Amazon

Culligan RV External Water Filter

 RV water filters

The Culligan RV water filter is also a fair contender. This being due to the fact that it comes at a fair price and is quite workable. With a granular activated carbon filter, water coming from this filter is free of chlorine and bacteria. This means that you get to enjoy great tasting water free of bacteria and bad odor.  The water filter is made from a durable material hence no fear of it spoiling fast. The filter can filter up to 250 gallons of water before they need to be replaced.

Due to its great features, this water filter has been well rated by many users. Also, it is certified by NSF thus you are sure it filters water perfectly. Amazingly, this product comes at quite a cheap price hence you get clean water at an affordable price. Check on Amazon

AQUA CREST Inline RV Water Filter

 RV water filters

Well, getting bottled water for each hike can be quite an expensive deal. To do away with this price, you should consider getting this amazing water filter from AQUA CREST. With advanced activated carbon, you are assured that water coming from this filter will be free of contaminants. Unlike other water filters, its raised polypropylene groove keeps sediments off your water filter thus you enjoy clean water.

The water filter lasts up to three months before needing a replacement. This ensures you save loads of cash compared to getting bottled water. The water filter comes with a manual that guides you with installation thus you need not invest more cash in a plumber. With this, you are sure to have great health and save your money. Check on Amazon

Watts Rv Water Filter

 RV water filters

This is by far the best water filter you will get for RV’s in the market. With a garden hose fitting, you can get water easily to where you wish with no spillage. Apart from chlorine and other contaminants, this water filter does away with the cyst. This ensures that you enjoy perfect health from the water you consume. The water filter has a 2.5 GPM flow hence you get fast flowing water that quenches your thirst fully.

Given its great quality, this water filter comes at an affordable price that will ensure you save loads of cash. Check on Amazon

Hydro Life External Water Filter

 RV water filters

One of the best RV water filters to invest in is the Hydro life external water filter. With a five series cartridge, you are assured to get clean water from this water filter. The water filter is fitted with a finer mesh granular activated carbon filter thus eliminating many water contaminants. Compared to its counterparts, this water filter removes plenty much water contaminants. With this, you will get clean water free of contaminants thus a great taste. Since it is attached with garden hose connectors, it is easy to replace cartridges without tools. This saves you the agony of paying a plumber hence saving your cash. Check on Amazon


Whether you are going for a hike, a camp or even a road trip, you should consider getting one of the best RV water filters. This will save you the agony of getting bottled water and provide clean water when you need it.  Why spend loads to tread water-related diseases while you can evade them by taking clean water. Invest in a quality RV water filter and enjoy great tasting water on the move.


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