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Best Shower Filter Reviews

Shower Filter

Well, chlorine in drinking water plays a major role in ensuring you get healthy and clean water. However, chlorine is quite a bother in bath water. You must have had an itchy feeling once or twice after the shower. Maybe you assumed it was normal to feel it but, it is not. This is caused by the presence of chlorine in bath water. Also, chlorine leaves hair, dry, brittle and at a high chance to get dandruff.

Most people assume that chlorine is found, in swimming pools. Well, it is true that chlorine is found in swimming pools. However, it is also found in several water supplies thus many people bath with chlorinated water without even knowing. Chlorine is known to attack skin cells thus may lead to itchiness on the skin. This might be quite irritating as you will feel the itchiness every time you bath. Due to this, you find people running into conclusions that they have been attacked by skin diseases but this is not the condition.

If you intend to avoid this irritating feeling, you should put a shower filter into consideration. Many homesteads have countertop water filters to ensure they drink clean water. However, they forget that their skin requires as much attention to ensure their well-being. to ensure that your skin is exposed to no risk, it is wise to invest in the best shower filter. With the wide variety of shower filters in the market, it can prove to be hard to choose the best. In this article, you will find a list of the best shower filters thus getting the best will easy as pie.

Best shower filter reviews

No Product name Dimensions Weight Color Link
1 Aqua Bliss high output universal shower filter 3.7×3.7×5.4 inches 15.2 ounces chrome Amazon
2 Culligan certified WHR-140 shower head filter 2.8×2.8×5.4 inches 7.2 ounces White Check on Amazon
3 Homspal 10-stage shower water filter 8x4x4 inches 1.35 pounds Chrome Check on Amazon
4 Pelican water PSF-1C 3-stage premium shower filter 3.8×3.8×6.2 inches 3 pounds Chrome and white Check on Amazon
5 Aqua SanaAQ-4100 deluxe shower water filter system 8.5×7.2×3.2 inches 2.6 pounds White Check on Amazon


Aqua Bliss High Output Universal Shower Filter

Shower Filter

If you are looking to get your family a meaningful present, then this is it. This great product from aquabliss is not only a savior but also quite appealing. This filter not only eliminates chlorine from your bathing water but also does away with heavy metals. This ensures that your skin is safe thus a strong healthy skin. Also, it prevents your family members from getting dandruff thus clean healthy hair.

With a multi-stage filtration system, this filter works in both cold and hot water thus you have assured safety if you use either. Amazingly, this great lifesaver comes at quite an affordable price thus you save up some cash. With this, you can slap a big ‘S’ on your chest as you have saved your family members from skin itchiness. The shower filter is easy to install hence you don’t need to spend more cash on having a plumber do that for you. the filter cartridge is replaceable hence you don’t need to buy a new shower filter each time yours spoils. Check on Amazon

 Culligan Certified WHR-140 Shower Head Filter

Shower Filter

At runners-up is this great product from Culligan. This shower filter does away with fluorine, chlorine, scale, and odor thus getting easily lathered water that is smell free. This gives you clean drinking water for up to six months hence you need not worry about dandruff or other skin problems. This showerhead limits the growth of bacteria. This assures you clean showers that are bacteria free for up to 10000 gallons of water.

The filter cartridge is easy to install hence you need not spend more cash on getting a professional to fix it for you. the cartridges have spare parts hence you easily replace the filters instead of buying a whole new set. The white color of the shower filter goes well with any bathroom setting thus bettering the outlook. Why scratch yourself after each shower, get this shower filter and enjoy itch-free showers. Check on Amazon

Homspal 10-stage shower water filter

Shower Filter

The Homspal 10-stage shower water filter is also a fair contender. This rust-free product eliminates, heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria, and pesticides from bath water hence healthy baths. The showerhead is easy to install hence you need not spend loads of cash to get a plumber to fix it. The package comes with a silicone seal and a Teflon tape. These ensure that your shower is leak free hence you economize your water to the fullest.  Check on Amazon

Pelican Water PSF-1C 3-Stage Premium Shower Filter

Shower Filter

The Pelican water PSF-1C 3-stage premium shower filter is one you have to check out. This water filter is available in many colors hence you pick one that fits your preference. This great product from pelican water eliminates most water contaminants hence you get soft clean bathing water. This ensures that your soap easily lathers and that you get a soft healthy skin.

Clean water will ensure that your hair is in the perfect form and also free of dandruff. Also, your bath water will be free of odors thus you no undesired scents after bath sessions. The product has a refreshing ocean breeze scent bar included for those intending to get aromatherapy. This gives you several advantages from a single bath thus perfect health. Check on Amazon

Aqua Sanaaq-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System

Shower Filter

One of the products that have enjoyed great ratings from its users is the Aqua Sana AQ-4100 deluxe shower water filter system. This water filter eliminates chlorine from your water thus giving you clean bath water hence perfect health. This product also eliminates chlorine from your shower steam hence you don’t inhale harmful chemicals. This ensures that you get perfect health from each bath without being exposed to health hazards. This shower filter comes with a shower head hence you can enjoy great massages while bathing. Check on Amazon


Why get itchy skin after every single bath? Try out one of the best shower filters to get perfect health and zero health hazards. You can easily get one of this products from at great prices. This will ensure you get quality products, unlike some dealers who might be dealing in counterpart shower filters.

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