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Best Water Dispenser Reviews

A quality Water dispenser is a nice addition to your home or office.

Water dispensers are clearly a neat alternatives of buying bottles of filtered water. To get clean water at your home or workplace with no fuss, you should consider investing in a water dispenser. If you have been keen enough, water dispensers have become quite a trend.

Water dispensers supplies clean water that is at the temperature you wish and free of contaminants. Unlike other water sources, water dispensers are way less messy. Also, water dispensers give you clean drinking water at the temperature you wish.

However, it can prove to be quite hard picking the best water dispenser. This being because there are several dispensers present in the market. After reading this article, you will be able to select the best water dispenser with ease. This being because you will find a list of the best water dispensers thus easily picking one that suits you best.

Best water dispenser comparison chart

# Product name dimensions Weight Amazon Link
1 Primo hot, cold and room temperature top loading water dispenser 12.5×10.8×36.6 inches 30.2 pounds Check At Amazon
2 Best choice Products 5 gallon hot and cold water dispenser 11.2x13x32.5 inches 27.1 pounds Check At Amazon
3 Brita Large 18 cup UltraMax Water Dispenser and Filter 14×7.2×8.8 inches 3.75 pounds Check At Amazon
4 Brio CL520 Commercial Grade Hot and Cold Top load water dispenser 12.6×12.6×38.6 inches 29.4 pounds Check At Amazon
5 Lago CLBL200 Bottom Load Hot, cold and room white water dispenser 44.2×15.2×14 inches 40 pounds Check At Amazon

Primo Hot, Cold And Room Temperature Top Loading Water Dispenser

If you are looking to invest your money in a standard water dispenser, then you have to consider this product. Unlike some water dispensers on the market that take time to give you hot and cold water, this does that instantly. With this, you will save your time as you won’t have to wait for hours for your water to cool. The materials used in making this product are BPA free thus you are not exposed to health hazards.

The product has a great finishing thus plays a role in bettering the outlook of your floor space. The water dispenser is durable hence you are assured to enjoy long-term service without seeing any leaks. Amazingly, this product comes at a low price hence you save loads of cash and enjoy the machines great service. The machine is quite sizable hence it can fit in any space you want to put it. Be it your kitchen countertop or even your desk, you can do it without any struggle. Check on Amazon

Best Choice Products 5 Gallon Hot And Cold Water Dispenser

This amazing water product from the best choice product is also on the list of the best water dispensers. With a five-gallon capacity, you are able to find enough water to quench the thirst of several people. Featuring two switches, you are able to get hot or cold water to fully quench your thirst. Unlike its counterparts, this water dispenser has an anti-rust and anti-dust protection ensuring you get great tasting water. These features make it easier to clean as no dust will find its way into hard to wash parts of the dispenser.

This water dispenser is fitted with a cabinet where you can place cups and other essentials. This saves you the need of getting a shelf and also ensures your cups are clean always. The dimensions of this dispenser are amazing as it can fit in any space without causing you a headache. The dispenser is white in color thus can easily fit in any house set. The dispenser comes at an affordable price thus saving you loads of cash. Check on Amazon

Brita Large 18 Cup Ultramax Water Dispenser And Filter

The water dispenser from the Brita company is unarguably a dispenser worth its price. Speak about a water dispenser that assures your health in each gulp of water. This being because it acts as a water filter thus ensuring the water you consume is free of bacteria and other contaminants. Also, the dispenser has plenty shelves where you can put cups and other utensils. The water dispenser is fitted with a sticker that helps you keep track of the filter. This enables you to change it in time before it wears out.

This water dispenser is fitted with a spigot that allows you to pour your water at a fast rate. This saves you the time you would have spent to wait for your cup to fill. The filter fitted in this dispenser is more durable than other filters thus it assures you longer service. With this, you will get great tasting water free of any odors whenever you need it. Why struggle with low-quality water dispensers, try this great dispenser from Brita today. Check on Amazon

Brio CL520 Commercial Grade Hot And Cold Top Load Water Dispenser

If you are seeking a water dispenser that assures you the safety you should consider this dispenser. Made of stainless steel, you are sure that your dispenser will not spoil in a short duration of time. On the hot water outlet, a safety lock is fitted thus your children do not burn themselves while playing with the dispensers. The dispenser is made from durable ABS hence you get to use it for long. This dispenser loads from the top thus allow you to see the level of water. Check on Amazon

Lago CLBL200 Bottom Load Hot, Cold And Room White Water Dispenser

The Lago water dispenser is also one you might consider in your bucket list. This dispenser is fitted with an indicator that tells you when you’re hot and cold water bottled need to be replaced. This dispenser has a convenient push button which makes sure your children are not harmed by hot water. The cold water is dispensed at quite a low temperature thus fully quenching your thirst. This product comes at a low price hence you get to save loads of cash. The water dispenser has a bottom loading which assure you that your dispenser will neither flip nor spill. Check on Amazon


With a water dispenser, you are assured to get water at the temperature you need. Also, you will get lesser spillage in your workplace thus giving you a cleaner workspace free of spillage. Why struggle with water sources? Get the best water dispenser and enjoy great water from the comfort of your home.


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