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Best Undersink Water Filter Reviews

undersink water filter

Have you experienced a sour taste in your drinking water? Have you felt a characteristic smell in your drinking water? If the answer to any of this questions is yes, you should consider investing in a water filter. Most water that flows in various homes contains several germs that cause people to get sick.

These germs may cause water-borne diseases that are quite harmful to you and your family. Adding Continue reading

Best Water Faucet Filter Reviews

water faucet filter

Water filters are the most convenient method of filtering water as they cost less compared to other methods and are long-lasting.Do you really need a faucet filter? Well, let us see.

Chlorine is quite a great invention that has proved to be a savior. This being because it kills the bacteria in drinking water hence assuring you great health. However, everything has its downsides, chlorine included. If consumed, chlorine may lead to several health conditions. Continue reading

Best Shower Filter Reviews

Shower Filter

Well, chlorine in drinking water plays a major role in ensuring you get healthy and clean water. However, chlorine is quite a bother in bath water. You must have had an itchy feeling once or twice after the shower. Maybe you assumed it was normal to feel it but, it is not. This is caused by the presence of chlorine in bath water. Also, chlorine leaves hair, dry, brittle and at a high chance to get dandruff. Continue reading

Best Countertop Water Filter Review

countertop water filter

water is life! Dirty water, on the other hand, can prove to be quite dangerous to your health.  You must have heard at least once or twice that clean water is not a luxury it’s a necessity! Most therapist’s advice people to take at least four glasses of water a day. This being because water plays a vital role in the well-being of the body. However, if you get used to taking dirty water you might end up contracting diseases that will cost you loads of cash. Continue reading

Best Whole House Water Filter System Reviews (2018 updated)

We all know water quality at home affects over all home quality.

This is where a water filer system for the whole house comes to help. Here you will see the best whole house water filter system reviews that will equip with you information for the right decision.

So, let us look in to some of the best whole water filter systems available in the market:

Continue reading

Best Water Softener Salt Review

The question of which is the best water softener salt to use has always disturbed people for ages. Besides the quest to search for a remedy has also been termed tedious. These might be due to the lack of time to actually search for the solution or the scarcity of information.

Fortunately, this problem can be curbed ones and for all. Continue reading