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How to Carbonate Water

Carbonate water

Among the products that are bought frequently in stores are soft drinks and carbonated water. This is carbonated drinks that are prepared in known industries. Aside from their great taste, carbonated drinks are quite a great way to quench thirst.

There are reasons why people opt for carbonated water. Continue reading

What Is Distilled Water Used For

Distilled water

Water covers up to almost 71 percent of the earth surface. It is a source of life to all organism living on the planet. Water is classified into two categories purified and unpurified.

Distilled water is classified as purified water because of the process of distillation it undergoes. Distilled water is what remains after all impurities have been removed, through a process called distillation.

This process leaves the water to a point where it is almost in the purest form. However, the process of distillation sometime fails to remove pesticide or herbicide. Continue reading

What Is Brackish Water

Brackish water

Brackish water (or brak water as some may call it) is a mixture of fresh and saline water. This may be found in places where fresh and saline waters mix. An example of this place is an estuary. Due to this, brackish water has a lower salinity compared to ocean water. However, it is a little bit salty compared to fresh water. The salinity of this water ranges from Continue reading