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How To Choose A Good Water Filter

Good Water filter

Do we need a water filter? Well, let us see that:

Water is essential for survival. Water is used every day in homes, and it is vital that you make sure you are using safe water that is not contaminated.

Contaminated water leads to many diseases such as cholera, typhoid, and stomach problems. Regular consumption of contaminated water can cause vital organs to shut down and also slows down metabolism.

Water that is not safe and is used as a very negative impact on the quality of life we live. There are many reasons why water becomes contaminated such as due to dirty and rusted pipes which carry dangerous parasites and microscopic bacteria that can prove detrimental to your well being.

I hope by this time you might have concluded – “That’s why you need a good Water Filter!”.

Good Water filter usage can be dated through history. They are used to purify your water. They are very reliable, and one can drink straight from a tap once they are installed. They remove all impurities through a chemical process and lowers the risk of using contaminated water. Water speed up metabolism as the water is in its purest form thus giving you a boost of energy. There are many types of purification which include distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis and carbon filtration.

Reasons You Need A Water Filter

There are many advantages of installing a water filler in your home or office. Installing a water system is recommended to promote better health in your home.

  • It improves the quality of the home or office as water is purified before getting inside.
  • It removes lead which is harmful from the water before you consume it.
  • The water will be free of chlorine thus it will be better tasting and will smell good.
  • It is safe as it helps prevent harmful chemicals and metals from entering your home.
  • Many companies are selling countertop water filters, therefore, making them easily accessible to most people.
  • It is an ideal and inexpensive way to remove rust and pesticides from water.
  • It helps reduce the money spent on bottled waters as it makes tap water healthy and safe to use and drink.
  • It helps reduce pollution as one is not required to carry bottles.

What to consider before purchasing a water filter

  • The lifespan of the filter as some hold very few gallons of water while others carry a whole lot
  • The price as it varies from one company to another. it is crucial to make sure the price is within your desired budget.
  • The intended use of the countertop water filter, there are countertop water filters and whole house filters.
  • The technology and system the countertop water filter is using as some may not retain the vital minerals that you need.
  • The installation process as some countertop water filters can be tedious.
  • The market review of countertop water filters that can be researched on many forums and websites.

Qualities if Best Good Water Filter:

 A good water filter should be specially designed to sit well in your kitchen. It should be easy to install and comes with a do it yourself manual.

A good water filter should have five-stage filter process and ensures decontamination of water. It is reliable and helps get rid of all harmful metals and chemicals thus leave the water odorless.

It should be stylish water filter does not require electricity. It is straightforward to install and comes with a manual. A good water filter can last up to 1000 gallons of water.

It should eliminate chlorine and other harmful metals from the water. It should be excellent for home and outdoor use.

A good water filter comes in over five colors. It should come with a plastic wrench, seal and ring and two faucet adapters. It should blast up to 1500 gallons of water.

It should be able to removes harmful chemicals and metal from the water. Its price should be unbeatable as it is priced nearly half of its competitors.

If you are looking for a cheaper way to get clean water, you should put water filters into consideration. This is a cheaper way compared to bottled water hence you are assured to save loads of cash. Why spend loads on bottled water while you can get clean water from the comfort of your home. Purchase one of the best water filters and enjoy great tasting water whenever you need it.

If you pick a water filter that does not fit, all your needs you will not enjoy its service. To ensure you enjoy its service, get a water filter that fully suits your needs. With this, you won’t have to complain that your water filter was not worth your cash.

The frequency of usage- with a small water filter, filtering a large amount of water will be hard. This will make your water have traces of chlorine thus a poor taste and a bad odor. If you wish to use your Water Filter frequently, invest in a quality water filter. This will ensure you get clean water whenever you need it. With this, you will have great tasting water free of contaminants.


Water is essential for both drinking and using, getting the best water filter can save you a lot of money and might even save your life. It is highly recommended to get one water filter or whole house filter. Water filters are in different price ranges, and you should do sufficient research before purchasing one to ensure value for your money and that you get a water filter for your home or office that you can rely on with easy.

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