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What Is Distilled Water Used For

Distilled water

Water covers up to almost 71 percent of the earth surface. It is a source of life to all organism living on the planet. Water is classified into two categories purified and unpurified.

Distilled water is classified as purified water because of the process of distillation it undergoes. Distilled water is what remains after all impurities have been removed, through a process called distillation.

This process leaves the water to a point where it is almost in the purest form. However, the process of distillation sometime fails to remove pesticide or herbicide. Over the years, distilled water has had many usages, the most common one is in the making of whiskey. From scientific evidence, the first water distillation process recorded was in the city of Alexandria by the many Greeks who resided there. Around this time, also there is some evidence that the ancient Chinese were distilling water.

A Good House Water Filter will give a better quality water for your home. But, there a number of uses of distilled water for industrial usage as well.. As the industrial revolution continues distilled water increases in demand as more product requires distilled water as a raw material. Some many industries use distilled water as part of their raw material and others use it as an output product. Listed below are some of the usages of distilled water.

In Dialysis Machine

A great percentage of the fluid used in dialysis is distilled water. The dialysis fluid is a mixture of dialysis concentration and distilled water in a ratio of between 1:34 or 1:44. These ensure that the body of a patient in dialysis maintains the high-quality water system. Distilled water is the only one recommended for all purified water used in dialysis since it is free from impurities and its PH level is at 5.0 on the PH scale. Therefore, it is critical to have quality water for the dialysis.

Laboratory Usage

Distilled water is used in most of the experiment conducted at the laboratory. Its usage is either as the coolant, as a cleaner or a component of an experiment. It is most opt for the fluid being used in the laboratory especially when the solvent is free of any microorganisms. Also recommended for cleaning since it is 100 percent free from impurities and it dries faster. One of the critical tasks done in laboratories is the DNA test, especially to aid for criminal purposes. There has to be accurate and free from doubt, using distilled water ensures that there is no external interference.

In Sterilizing Of Medical Equipment

All medical personnel is highly advised to sterilize their medical equipment after or before use. Whether performing a minor operation or a major surgical equipment needs all the time to be sterilized. Sterilization of this medical equipment is carried out by use of distilled water. These will ensure that charms and other disease-causing elements are kept at bay

In Maintenance Of Automotive

Distilled water is used in automotive industry for the cooling system in a car engine, it also used in lead batteries that usually, keep cars running. It is added periodically when the level goes down.

In Manufacturing Of Soap

This water is the raw material in soap making industry. These are because it has no chemicals at all that might lower the effectiveness of a soap.

In Humidifier

Do you have a portable humidifier, use distilled water instead of using tap water directly. It will have lesser calcium and your humidifier will be more efficient.

In Washing Hair

Human hair needs to be free from minerals of all kind for it to flourish. These are because the accumulation of these minerals in the hair prevents absorption of hair care product. It is advisable to clean the hair with distilled water since it is free from these minerals and any other chemicals that might harm the hair.

Scrub Stations

Surgeons need to decontaminate their hands before and after surgery; the place where this action takes place is call scrub station. Distilled water is used in decontaminating all items used in theater at the scrub station.


Up to 95% of beer is water. Water is the major ingredient for manufacturing of beer. It is a core ingredient in beer making. Distilled water has a characteristic of being low temporary hardness and low in sulfates, these two characters are very important in beer brewing because dis-tilled water would not alter the desired taste of the final product.

Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic product .I.e. makeup, shampoo and shaving creams have water as one of the ingredients. Distilled water is part of the ingredients because it is free from impurities and any other mineral and it leaves the product in its purest form.

Medical Procedures

Distilled water is a type of water that is known to have no harmful effect on body issue when it comes into contact. Therefore, it is preferred to be used in many medical procedures. In irrigation, it is used to remove any fluid in order the surgeons to have a total visibility on the area where they operating. It is also used for wound cleansing since it has no chemical substance that can harm the wound. it is recommended that the first aid kit has water for emergency purposes. The dentist also used dis-tilled water in the extraction of the teeth and to clean the root canal cavity.

Food Preparation

When preparing food for patients in hospital or patients in home care, it is advisable to use distilled water since it has no traces of bacteria or any other type of microorganism that can cause an additional disease to a patient.

In Airplane Jet Engines

Modern airplanes have turbines that require water to be sprayed on areas that are prone to a premature ignition or simply hot points. Distilled water is preferred than any other water because it leaves no impurities or is acidic. It is also used in planes engines to increase power and fuel efficacy.

Cigar Humidors

Cigar users usually like using distilled water because it is free of chemicals and impurities. This water discourages the growth of mucus and deposition of impurities on the interior side of a humidor. It keeps the cigar fresh in a humidor.



You might think the distilled water is just for drinking, sure it is good for you. But there are many more occasions distilled water is the right thing to do.


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