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How Long Does It Take Water To Freeze?

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Probably, water is best in the liquid form. But there are times it needs to be frozen. How long it takes for the water to freeze?

Quick answer is it depends. Let us dig bit more.

In this article, you will not only get to know how long it takes water to freeze but also how to freeze water. This will make you a pro in freezing water hence you will be sure to get it whenever you need it. With this, you will enjoy great tasting water that is cool hence you are assured to fully quench your thirst with this.

How To Freeze Water

As long as you have a freezer and some water, getting frozen water can be quite an easy procedure. However, if you do not know how to do this, it can prove to be quite a headache. In this part, you will find several different ways to freeze water hence you will be sure to get this great drink whenever you need it.

Freezing water instantly

To do this, you must have a freezer and bottled water. If not, you can easily get some from the store. Also, you can opt to refill the bottle with your tap water. To do this, you must ensure that water flowing into your house is free of contaminants. This can be done by using a water filter.

Adjust the temperature of your filter to – 240 c. this so as to give your freezer the time to adjust to the temperature. This will, in turn, reduce the time you need to give your water to freeze.

Put your water in the fridge and let it cool for forty-five minutes. After this, your water will still be in a liquid state. However, the water will be cold to the touch. This you can feel just by holding the bottle of water.

With this, you can pour your water into a container and add some ice. This will instantly turn your water into ice.

Freezing Water In An Efficient Way

If the first method does not suit your needs, then you have no need to worry. There are several ways to freeze water. This gives you the freedom to choose one that suits you best.

  • If you studied some physics in college or tertiary schooling, you must know that increased surface area reduces the time needed to do things. Well, this applies even to freezing water. Knowing this, it is advisable to start by finding a large container to hold your water. This so as to increase surface area so as to allow your water to easily freeze. An example of this can be an ice tray.
  • First, clean your ice tray to rid it of any contaminants. After this, place the ice tray in the freezer. This will generally reduce the time needed for freezing the water. Preferably, your container should be made of metallic material. This will make water lose its heat faster hence reducing the overall time needed to freeze water.
  • To freeze your water at a faster rate, it is advisable to start by boiling the water. Although this might seem like the wrong thing to do, it is actually best for water that needs to be frozen. This because hot water is easier to freeze as most of its bonds have been weakened as the water was boiling.

Having done this, tune your freezer to a lower temperature. This should be ranging from 200c to 240c. having done this, close your freezer until after two hours or three. While at it, avoid opening your freezer as it may gain some heat from the surrounding.

How Long Does It Take Water To Freeze?

Having learned how to freeze water, the question that you still ask yourself is how long it takes to freeze water. Given the manner in which you freeze your water, the period that it takes to freeze can change time to time. Also, the temperature that you tune your freezer is a major contributor to the time factor. Normally, this ranges from two to five hours.

By following the above steps, however, you are assured to get frozen water within a short time of waiting. This ranging from two to three hours. So as to accelerate the rate at which your water freezes you might consider adding some ice cubes. This will inhibit freezing hence you get frozen water within an even shorter time span.

This time frame is considering that you are using a container with a large surface area. If you use a smaller container, however, you will find it to take a bigger duration of time to freeze. This might be even up to six hours. This given that you do not open your freezer as your water cools. If you open your freezer regularly as your water cools, your water will take plenty much time to freeze. This because the freezer will gain heat from the atmosphere hence taking more time to cool down.

With a good freezer, a metallic container with a large surface area and some patience you are good to go. With this, you will get great tasting water that is cool to fully quench your thirst.


Having learned how to freeze water and how long it takes to do so, you are assured to get cool drinking water. This will quench your thirst and even better help your body in losing excess heat. With this, you will get cool drinking water even in the hottest summer.


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