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Best Refigerator Water Filter Reviews

refrigerator water filter

When you want to choose the water filter for your refrigerator, never compromise. We all agree that quality of drinking water is as important as anything in life.

Here you will see some of the refrigerator filters chosen and reviewed. Please note that, not all filters will fit your refrigerator model. So, please check for the compatibility before you buy. Continue reading

What Is Distilled Water Used For

Distilled water

Water covers up to almost 71 percent of the earth surface. It is a source of life to all organism living on the planet. Water is classified into two categories purified and unpurified.

Distilled water is classified as purified water because of the process of distillation it undergoes. Distilled water is what remains after all impurities have been removed, through a process called distillation.

This process leaves the water to a point where it is almost in the purest form. However, the process of distillation sometime fails to remove pesticide or herbicide. Continue reading

Best Water Purification Tablets Reviews

water purification tablets

Have you ever fell sick due to the water you consume at your home? Do you wish to find a method in which you can treat your water thus protecting you and your family? Well, worry no more. Simply get yourself one of the best water purification tablets and enjoy great tasting water flowing in your taps. Continue reading

Best Alakaline Water Filter

Water Filteration

As a homeowner, it is important that one is able to find the best Alakaline Water Filter that can help increase water alkalinity without difficulty. This is because there are many health benefits that one can get from alkaline water.

Pure alkaline drinking water could help reduce the acid buildup inside the body. Therefore, allowing the physical form to become healthier down the line. Continue reading

Best RV Water Filter Reviews

RV water filters

Clean water is not a privilege; it is a necessity. This means that you need access to clean water every time even when you are on the move. Among the ways that you can get water while traveling is in your RV. However, RV’s provide many contaminants in the water. This may lead to stomach sickness. To avoid this, it is advisable to get a water filter for your RV. Continue reading

Best Undersink Water Filter Reviews

undersink water filter

Have you experienced a sour taste in your drinking water? Have you felt a characteristic smell in your drinking water? If the answer to any of this questions is yes, you should consider investing in a water filter. Most water that flows in various homes contains several germs that cause people to get sick.

These germs may cause water-borne diseases that are quite harmful to you and your family. Adding Continue reading

Best Water Faucet Filter Reviews

water faucet filter

Water filters are the most convenient method of filtering water as they cost less compared to other methods and are long-lasting.Do you really need a faucet filter? Well, let us see.

Chlorine is quite a great invention that has proved to be a savior. This being because it kills the bacteria in drinking water hence assuring you great health. However, everything has its downsides, chlorine included. If consumed, chlorine may lead to several health conditions. Continue reading

Best Shower Filter Reviews

Shower Filter

Well, chlorine in drinking water plays a major role in ensuring you get healthy and clean water. However, chlorine is quite a bother in bath water. You must have had an itchy feeling once or twice after the shower. Maybe you assumed it was normal to feel it but, it is not. This is caused by the presence of chlorine in bath water. Also, chlorine leaves hair, dry, brittle and at a high chance to get dandruff. Continue reading

What Is Brackish Water

Brackish water

Brackish water (or brak water as some may call it) is a mixture of fresh and saline water. This may be found in places where fresh and saline waters mix. An example of this place is an estuary. Due to this, brackish water has a lower salinity compared to ocean water. However, it is a little bit salty compared to fresh water. The salinity of this water ranges from Continue reading