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How pH of Drinking Water affects you

pH of drinking water

We are all extremely diligent about clean water. That is important- nobody can argue that factor. However, have you ever taken a minute or so to think about the pH of your water?

If not, then you should give this a deep thought. This is the level of alkalinity or acidity of water. If you know the pH of drinking water, you can know if it’s safe for you. this being because acidic water can lead to plenty harmful  effects. among this include, literally a heartburn and several other diseases.

If you know the level of acidity of your water, you can easily neutralize it hence getting neutral water. This will ensure that you get great water for drinking without facing harsh experiences. This is where use of alkaline water filters comes to your help.

Bit of Science

Before getting into how pH of drinking water affects you, it is wise to start by defining the term. pH stands for potential hydrogen. With a high amount of hydrogen in your water, your water is considered acidic in nature. This because hydrogen reacts with water to give an acidic solution. Acidic water has a pH of between 6 and 0 on the pH scale. If you get the reading of seven, then you are assured that your water is safe for consumption.

Also, you can use a litmus paper to test the acidity of water. If water is acidic, the paper turns red. If it is basic, you will get a blue paper. Knowing this, checking the acidity of your water will be easy as pie.

How pH of drinking water affects you

Well, depending on the pH of your water, you can either gain benefits or suffer plenty consequences. Acidic water can cause you several problems. This, in turn, gives you a harder time after taking water as it causes disorienting situations. In this article, we aim at letting you know the effects of pH of your drinking water. This will help you know if your water is exposing you to any harm.

Also, you will learn how to treat the condition thus doing away with the burning. Additionally, you will learn the benefits of alkaline water and what it can be used for. This will keep you on the safer side and equipped with knowledge that few have impacted on themselves.

How to check pH of drinking water

Well, maybe you have felt a heartburn once after drinking water. Well, you can’t just rush to conclusions and assume that water was the major problem. This may be associated with several reasons. To be sure that your problem is water related, you should first start by testing the pH of your water. This can be done by following the procedure below.

Testing pH of water

To do this, you will require a litmus paper, a digital meter or some reagent drops. However, the best way to get accurate results is by using meters. The downside of meters, however, is the fact that they need constant calibration. Also, meters require expensive solutions that easily go bad if stored in the wrong place. These meters assure you the most accurate results hence are great. However, they are not that friendly to human use.

Another great method you can apply in the testing of water pH is by using litmus paper. If you have ever done some chemistry, it’s obvious that you know how these small papers work. Once you immerse the papers in water, they retain their color if neutral, change to red if acidic and blue if alkaline. However, this strips can easily spoil if opened and kept in the wrong place.

Reagent drops are also a fair contender in the game. With this, you pour some water on a dish and give it some time to change. Depending on the nature of the water, the color will change accordingly hence you know if your water is basic or acidic. The reagent comes with a manual that directs you to its use hence you are able to know the ph of your water.

How pH of drinking water affects you

Having learnt how to check your waters pH, you can easily know if it’s good for you. among the effects of pH of drinking water include.

Eye and skin irritation

both basic and acidic water can cause irritation to the skin and the eye. Acidic water has quite a corrosive effect hence causes plenty harm to your body.

Heavy metal effect

Sometimes, when you consume water you get to feel a metal-like taste in your water. Mostly, people associate this taste with rusty pipes. Well, this might be the case, however, the pH of water can also cause a characteristic taste. This water might pose your body to plenty harm and in some cases make you sick. To do away with this, you might require a water filter that neutralizes the pH of water.

Gastrointestinal Upset

Well, acidic water can be quite harmful to the gastrointestinal system. The exposure to copper and zinc can lead to nausea and even vomiting. Similarly, high pH levels lead to similar symptoms. In some cases, one might get diarrhea due to the water they consume. However, these symptoms are not limited to water ph. This means that you should see a medical doctor to confirm if your illness was caused by water. This because some sicknesses have the same symptoms hence you might end up treating a condition you do not suffer from.

Staining of sinks and laundry

When you wash your clothes and see stains, you run into conclusion that your detergent is to blame. However, this is not the case. Acidic water also leads to staining of clothes and sinks. If you see this, it is wise to check your water pH to know what is causing the stains. If it is related to the acidity of your water, you should consider getting a water filter that deals with water pH.


Having learned the way in which pH of water affects you, you can easily avoid this. This being because you will know when your water is affecting you and consult a professional to help you out.


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