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What Type Of Fire Can Be Put Out Safely With Water?

fire can be put out safely with water

You might have heard the mythical stories about how Fire has come from heaven and improved human life.

Well, Fire is a good servant but a bad master. And there are times you need to put it out. Can water do that?

When a fire goes out of control, the results can be quite devastating. Sometimes, fires can lead to several losses and in some cases death. One assumption many people make is that fire can be put out safely with water. This is somehow true. But in some cases, water inhibits the fire instead of putting it off. In some cases, water can maintain a fire and even feed it. This depending on the fuel that keeps the fire burning.

To be on the safe side, you need to know what kind of fires can be put out with water. This will prevent you from harming yourself or even worse accelerating the rate of the fire. With this knowledge, you will be fully equipped to handle any fire hence ensuring that fire causes harm to nobody. In this article, you will find detailed information on fires.

This information will enable you to know what fires can be put off using water and not. This will enable you to easily tackle fire hence you can easily handle fire before you get its devastating effects. with this, you will be able to handle fires easily. This will hold your fire until you get to call the fire department. With this, you will be assured that fire will do less harm to your body.

What type of fire can be put out safely with water?

Well, the question that you might have in mind is what type of fire can be put out safely with water. Well, you do not wish to go into a war with weapons that are suitable for a battle. When combating the fire, it is wise to be enlightened on its effects hence you can easily handle it. This will tell you if water can put off your fire or not.

In this article, you will learn the type of fires that can be put out with water and not. Among the fires that can be easily put out with water include;

Fires caused by paper, trash, wood, cloth, and rubber can be efficiently put out with water. This type of fire is termed as class A fires. This may occur mostly in homesteads or even stores. However, this needs enough water to put it out. In the case of a store is on fire, a sufficient amount of water will be needed. However, you will need to call the fire department to successfully put out the fire.

Class B fires (fires caused by flammable liquids and gases) are discouraged from being put off using water. This because water will act as a means of transport hence scattering the fire to multiple places. To put out this kind of fire, it would be advisable to use liquid foam. This will deprive the fire of oxygen hence efficiently putting it off.

Fires that are related to electricity (class C fires) are advised not to be put out with water. Although water might show some fruits, the effects of using water are even more devastating. This being because you might end up being electrocuted and in some cases even death. This kind of fire is advised to be put out with a carbon dioxide based extinguisher. This will deprive the fire of oxygen hence killing it. While at it you must consider alerting the fire station as you prevent the fire from spreading.

Although they might not be that common, class D fires are quite life-threatening. This is fueled by combustible metals the likes of sodium and magnesium. If you try using water to put off this kind of fires, you might end up fueling the fire. This because water acts as an oxidant hence giving you an even worse fire. This kind of fire is put off by a copper based powder or sodium chloride. This will tame the fire until professionals come to the rescue.

Why Not Use Water In Just Any Fire?

Well, in some cases, water can prove to be a lifesaver. This because water is easy to get and quite efficient at putting out fires. However, before you rush into the decision to use water, it is advisable to learn the source of the fire. This to efficiently combat the fire and avoid bringing harm to your way.

In some cases, water might even make your fires even worse. This will lead to even more devastating results hence posing you for an even bigger threat. This being because water can oxidize fires hence making them even bigger. This will lead to your house burning up hence leading to even worse results.

In some cases, water can offer fire the means to spread. Among this cases include the case in which fire was caused by petroleum products. water is insoluble in petroleum hence it only carries it to another place hence spreading the fire. This can lead to devastating results as the fire will be so big to handle. Before handling this type of fire, ensure that you call your fire department. This will enable you to handle the fire well as you will only be required to handle it for a shorter period of time. Also, keep yourself away from the fire to avoid burning up.

How To Handle Fire

Well, if you notice a fire, sometimes you can be confused. However, this will lead to even more loss. To avoid this loss, you should consider calling the fire station. Considering the cause of the fire, you should try handling the fire before the firefighters arrive. The more you are, the better. Call for help and try extinguishing the fire using a fire extinguisher or sand. Sand deprives the fire of oxygen hence putting it out slowly.

While at it, avoid fire from reaching your clothes as it may lead to you burning up. Also, keep people away from the fire to ensure their well-being.


Well, water can prove to be quite great at extinguishing fires and fire can be put out safely with water easily. However, you should avoid using it in every situation as it might make the fire even worse. To ensure you fully put out your fire, consider learning its cause. This after having learnt what type of fires can be safely put out with water. With this, no harm will get in your way. Always call professionals before handling the fires. Now you know how you fire can be put out safely with water.

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